1. We envision our customer as

* Our highest priority, having unique needs that drive our performance

* Entitled to contact with a real live person, a competent generalist empowered to answer questions

* Involved in our Human Resources planning and assessment


2. We envision ourselves as

* Easy to do business with and responsive

* Flexible, creative problem-solvers

* Professionals with collaborative and participatory work styles

* Well-trained, technically competent and knowledgeable in our fields

* Engaged in life-long learning to cultivate our competencies

* Advocates and champions of a campus climate that fosters performance excellence, full participation, and personal and organizational growth

* Accountable at individual, managerial, and programmatic levels


3. We envision the Human Resources Department as an environment where....

* The people and ideas are diverse

* Supportive and respectful interactions are the standard

* Our functions are integrated

* Each of us is valued and involved

* State of the art, award-winning programs are encouraged

* We continually assess our effectiveness

* Quality, excellence, and innovation are valued

* Our efforts are efficient and effective, adding of value to the company


4. We envision Human Resources systems and process that....

* Are re-engineered for simplicity and timeliness

* Make improved use of technology both internally and externally

* Present information in more meaningful ways, tailored to the intended audience

* Are in a state of continuous improvement

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