Supply Chain Department

Supply Chain department of BIPHA DRUG LABORATORIES Pvt LTD encompasses, planning, design, control and implementation of all business processes related to procurement, manufacturing, distribution and sales order fulfillment functions of our business. All these activities involve multiple networks of vendors and service providers to move raw materials and finished goods from and to all distant locations across the globe. We collect fresh raw materials from all over India directly from farmers.

Distribution through our wide network of retail outlets and distributors contributes to the brand image the company has developed over the years.

Leveraging on our rich experience in the field of Ayurveda we aim to extend the reach and penetration of our products into national and international markets and to establish ourselves worldwide.

We are in the lookout for institutions, organizations, individual for business tie-ups, interested in our venture to provide holistic health care. Enquires are welcome
We have our centralized store in Ettumanoor Industrial Estate for dispatch of finished goods to our customers within 24 hours on getting confirmed order. The department is adopted with standard packing and facilitates a extraordinary standard from other companies.
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