Research and Development (R&D) department

Research and Development (R&D) department of Bipha Drug Laboratories Pvt Ltd is about innovations, standardization and development of products. The R&D center provides a place for applied research, analysis and developments integrated with process technology research. Our R & D cell consists of a fully equipped laboratory with state- of –the- art equipment, a qualified team and a library backup. Our core strength lies in validation and standardization of already existing products and development of new products. We have developed expertise and gathered experience in conducting Phytochemical and Microbiological analyses of batches on regular basis. 

We, in collaboration with Government of India research stations, conduct projects that benefits in shaping a concept exploiting market area and synergies across therapeutic area. Bipha invests heavily in the process of creation of new medicines through research collaboration with Scientific Institutes. All the implementations, processes and developments are well documented.

In addition, we undertake Microbiological analyses of outside samples (food and water) in our R & D facility. The department supports student’s academic Projects, Internships and Training for graduate and postgraduate life science students as per the candidate’s requirement and standard of the organization. Our internship plan includes the followings,

Plan IIntroduction about organization and detailing on process taking place in an Ayurvedic Pharma industry
Plan IIAwareness on Standard Operating Procedure of an Ayurveda Industry
Plan IIIVisit to production units
Plan IVBriefing on quality parameters in selection of raw materials
Plan VHands-on  training in Microbiological analyses of Pharmaceutical products and T L C study of raw materials


(Addition of plans would be done on considering the duration of course and requirement of the students)

We take care to provide,
  • Broad knowledge in complete process taking place in an Ayurveda Pharma industry.
  • Individual attention to each student.
  • Equal opportunity in learning and handling equipments.
  • Professional development in students.
Our research strategy and all implementations are well supported by The Management to deliver real beneficial outcome, without compromising on its quality.
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