International Business

Bipha’s strengths in consolidating its export business, specifically B2B Business, and to have a dedicated export department are key elements that support our international pillars. We work to ensure Bipha’s continuous presence in the International marketplace and to stay at par with the best in the industry. The foundation of trust we have built up over the last seven decades has given us the impetus to succeed in garnering the wholehearted, sincere and constructive support of our staff, associates and clients.

The functions of the export department ranges from liaising with the clients, prepare plans for its implementation and to evolve an information system so that there is a regular flow of information on the progress of the order, legal compliances and adhering to international guidelines.

At present we have International presence in countries like US, Canada, Europe, Australia, North and South Africa, Mauritius, Gulf Countries, Maldives and Sri Lanka
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