Corporate Gift

Bipha puts together superspecial collections of our best selling botanical products for gifting in exquisite, easy to wrap boxes

Navarasa Gift Pack
Nine Ways to Care for your Skin and Hair Naturally. Nine Handmade Herbal Soaps containing time-tested Ayurvedic Herbs and their extracts with proven benefits for the skin and scalp. They are pH balanced and cure many skin disorders, improve complexion and balance doshas.

A skin-enriching collection of 100% natural, cold pressed, extra virgin plant oils that form a protective barrier on the skin to revitalize it. The essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients in these fast-absorbing oils nourish you from scalp to toe.

The Enchanted Garden
A collection of four skin-softening bath oils with pure, blended botanicals that cleanses and uplifts your body, mind and spirit. These light, non-greasy formulations with their wonderful natural aromas create a gloriously indulgent bath experience.

Ravi Varma Series
Bipha celebrates the beauty of renowned women of epic India with our Ravi Varma Gift Pack Series. Our inspirations—Shakuntala, Malavika, Damayanti,Subhadra and Rukmini—are women who captured one’s vision and imagination with their exquisite beauty. Nurtured by Nature, these women followed intricate beauty rituals that were spiced with rare and exotic herbs from the Indian subcontinent. Raja Ravi Varma, considered one of the greatest painters of India, drew inspiration from Indian mythology and literature and many of his paintings were a tribute to the the loveliness of Indian women. We join Ravi Varma in paying homage to our land, literature and beautiful women. 
  • Damayanti Face Care Pack
  • Rukmini Skin Care Pack
  • Subhadra Hair Care Pack
  • Shakuntala Hand & Foot Care Pack

Kovilakam Secrets
Kovilakom Secrets are Ayurveda-inspired beauty rituals derived from five unique and precious botanicals from the Indian soil—Sandalwood, Red Sandalwood, Margosa, Turmeric and Vetiver. Pure blends of these antioxidant rich herbs form a luxury beauty range in seven gorgeously giftable boxes that include soaps, creams, oils, masks and herbal bars.

  • Yamini Redsandal Skin Spa Essentials
  • Ojaswini Sandalwood Skin Longevity Essentials
  • Tejaswini Margosa Skin Energy Essentials
  • Ujjwala Turmeric Skin Radiance Essentials

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