In support of our company's principles, values, vision and mission, it is the mission of human resources to support the total operation in meeting its goals through its most valuable resource - its PEOPLE.

It is our mission to:


An attitude of teamwork and quality in our day-to-day operations.


An atmosphere that fosters challenges, fun, safety and cleanliness.


Opportunities that demonstrate excellent execution, caring attitude and a sense of urgency.


Waste by vigorously pursuing continuous improvement activities.


To doing and to acting openly, equitably and consistently in our pursuit of uncompromising quality.


Participation in company and community activities while seeking knowledge, enthusiasm and an improved quality of life for ourselves, co-workers and the community.


Team member values that may be different from our own.


Responsibility for promoting ethical and legal conduct in personal and business practices.


In a candid and fair manner with the diverse workforce from whom our company derives its strength.

We will meet our mission through speed, simplicity and self-confidence.

Vision & Mission

1. We envision our customer as....

  • Our highest priority, having unique needs that drive our performance
  • Entitled to contact with a real live person, a competent generalist empowered to answer questions
  •  Involved in our Human Resources planning and assessment

2. We envision ourselves as....

  • Easy to do business with and responsive
  • Flexible, creative problem-solvers
  • Professionals with collaborative and participatory work styles
  • Well-trained, technically competent and knowledgeable in our fields
  • Engaged in life-long learning to cultivate our competencies
  • Advocates and champions of a campus climate that fosters performance excellence, full participation, and personal and organizational growth
  • Accountable at individual, managerial, and programmatic levels

3. We envision the Human Resources Department as an environment where....

  •  The people and ideas are diverse
  •  Supportive and respectful interactions are the standard
  • Our functions are integrated
  • Each of us is valued and involved
  • State of the art, award-winning programs are encouraged
  • We continually assess our effectiveness
  • Quality, excellence, and innovation are valued
  • Our efforts are efficient and effective, adding of value to the company

4. We envision Human Resources systems and process that....

  • Are re-engineered for simplicity and timeliness
  • Make improved use of technology both internally and externally
  •  Present information in more meaningful ways, tailored to the intended audience
  • Are in a state of continuous improvement

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