Products:  Herbal–Dietary supplement

Bipha herbal range is a confluence of traditional knowledge blended with science.The herbal division has a portfolio of single and multi herbal supplements sourced from standardized raw materials.

Herbal–Dietary supplement
Ayurvedic dietary supplement
Ayurvedic anti oxidant SupportAyurvedic Blood purifier BlendAyurvedic Bowel CareAyurvedic Bowel Ease
Ayurvedic Bronchial SupportAyurvedic cardiac supportAyurvedic Diuretic BlendAyurvedic immune support
Ayurvedic Joint EaseAyurvedic joint support Ayurvedic libido boostAyurvedic Liver Cleanse
Ayurvedic memory supportAyurvedic Men CareAyurvedic Menopause SupportAyurvedic Metabolic Support
Ayurvedic Respiratory SupportAyurvedic sleep Support BlendAyurvedic Smoking Cessation AidAyurvedic stress care
Ayurvedic vitamin C supplementAyurvedic Women's careAyurvedic women's period careAyurvedic Worm out Support